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Are you looking for a durable flooring for your industrial project? After all, chemicals and heavy foot traffic  are bound to take a toll on the floorings. If so, our epoxy flooring systems and coatings are bound to satisfy you. Here at Chicago Architectural Contractors, we provide you with experts that deliver the best epoxy flooring coating out there. Our team is trained and licensed to provide you with quality and consistent service.

Why choose our Epoxy flooring service?

Our epoxy coatings are made from authentic and premium quality epoxies.  We use all 100% Solids epoxies that are industrial grade and are not cut with any fillers or water-based additives unlike the big boxed outlets that advertise two gallon kits to do a small garage floor with an inferior water-based product that will ultimately peel off because they are not a 100% solid material resin. This means that regardless of how unsightly your flooring currently is, we can easily transform it into a durable and chemical resistant floor that will withstand the test of time and nature.

We don’t just specialize in applying epoxy coatings. Instead, if you wish to have an entire epoxy system installed, our team of contractors is equipped to do so as well. 

Rather than delivering you the same generic type of coating, we believe in providing versatility. Therefore, you will be given various color options for the epoxy flooring coatings or chip flake systems.

Benefits of Epoxy Floors


There are various other types of floors. You might be confused about which to pick. When it comes to industrial purposes, epoxy floors are the best. Here are a few benefits of using epoxy floors.

Highly Durable

Floors which feature epoxy coating are bound to be durable. This makes them ideal for industrial use since the floor of industries is bound to experience wear and tear. When you add an epoxy coating to any concrete, its durability increases. The strength of the flooring is unimaginable. The chemical breakdown is a very rare.   This allows you to save money on repairing floors every now and then.

Quick installation

Compared to how long it takes for other coatings to be applied and floors to be installed, epoxy floors can be installed quickly. This means that you don’t have to stop operations for a long time. So, rest assured that your business won’t lose out on profits just because of the flooring installation.


One of the biggest concerns you might have is the safety of your employees. No one wants accidents to happen in the workplace. Epoxy flooring guarantees that they don’t. They do so by being slip resistant.  We add different size aggregates like aluminium oxide to add slip resistance depending on the type of system being utilized.


Regardless of where the floor is, everyone wishes for aesthetics. This also includes commercial and industrial properties. You can provide your employees with a stylish infrastructure. The right way to start is by choosing epoxy floors. They are available in a variety of colors and have a stylish finish. They are bound to make your workplace look good.


If you are looking for coatings on a concrete or for flooring options for your industrial project, Epoxy flooring coating is the best choice. Avail Chicago Architectural Contractors’ services. Our team of experts will not disappoint you. 

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