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Stained concrete flooring has begun to increase in popularity in terms of residential and concrete flooring. There are various kinds of concrete flooring designs available that you can choose according to your pricing range and taste. With stained flooring you can add on certain colors and designs, as well as customized graphics.

Staining can be applied to concrete floors that are already pre-existing or new concrete floors. Moreover, since the concrete stains make a way deeply through the exterior, it produces a lasting color. Unlike other paintings, the stained concrete will not a peel off. You have choices ranging from acid based chemical stains to water based color stains depending on the look that you are going for. 

The acid stains are more likely to go through the surface and create a chemical reaction producing a much more unique effect of the surface. However, the colors of the concrete surface are limited to browns, tans, reds, etc. However, if you wish to choose other colors it is preferable to use water based colors for the stained concrete. The benefit of using water based colors is that you can mix the colors to create a wide range of color schemes. 


Staining concrete is a multiple step process as follows.

Preparing the surface is the first step in the stained concrete process. The surface needs to be prepared properly as the acid stains are translucent, therefore any imperfections that are left on the surface could be seen through the applied stain. This step is quite essential as it will determine the final look of the flooring. Preparing the surface can be done by a mechanical grinder or by using a formulated cleaner. 

The second step is to apply the stain. Once the concrete surface has been properly prepared, the stain is applied. It begins with masking off the area so that the walls or frames are protected from the stains. The stain is then diluted with water to create the desired ratio. Once this has been done, the first coat is sprayed on the flooring. Once the stain has dried up another coat can be re-applied depending on the intensity of the color needed.

In the third step the extra residue is removed. The concrete is washed with clean water till it flows clearly. Next the stain is neutralized with baking soda or ammonia if acid based colors are used. This step is not needed if water based colors are used. Once the coat is left overnight to dry, a protection coat is applied to increase the durability.


Concrete flooring is known for its durability. It is able to resist any kind of hard equipment and isn’t easily damaged.  Concrete flooring is known for its environmentally friendly characteristic as it does not involve any kind of carbon footprint nor does it require the exhaustion of resources.

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