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Terrazzo floors are a very ancient type of flooring that is made up of granite and marble bonded together. Flooring can be done with terrazzo as a cheaper alternative to using marble. Nowadays glass chips are used for terrazzo flooring so that different colors can be used. Users can choose from a variety of choices according to their preference. 



The process of terrazzo restoration is based on certain steps. It first begins with preparation of the area. Anything that is covering the floor is removed such as carpets, woods etc. All furniture covering the floor is also removed and a water-proof covering is put in the areas where the flooring comes in contact with the walls. The process starts with introducing water to the surface of the floor.

The next step is grinding. If the flooring is cement based then a diamond brick will have to be installed on the surface grinder. The grinder is then slowly moved on the floor and the water will start to look muddy. The grinding has to be done till the entire floor is covered. Once the entire flooring is done, the muddy water is vacuumed to check the progress. Once the water has been vacuumed the flooring will look much clearer. Once satisfied the grinder will be switched to medium grit where the flooring will be cleaned with water and vacuumed again.

In the next step the surface is smoothened out in case there have been any leftover voids by nails or screws, once the floor has dried up. Lastly the floor is polished to give it the shine that it needs to look outstanding. We use 800 grit pads and then wash it off, vacuum and follow the step again with 1500 and finally 3000 grit pads.  Towel dry the flooring and then apply the sealer. 


Finished product – terrazzo floorings create unique kinds of flooring options that are different from surface to surface. They create beautiful surfaces that are unlikely to be the same as any other kind of flooring available. Terrazzo is made up of combined pieces of marble, glass and stones. This way manufactures can create different kinds of flooring designs according to your choice. 

Long-lasting – terrazzo floorings are one of a kind flooring options that are long lasting. Since it is made up of a combination of marble and glass it leaves a much more durable effect on the surface and still provide a new look. Terrazzo flooring cannot be compared to other kinds of flooring options in terms of durability as you can put use it in high traffic areas and it will still be long lasting. 

Easy to clean – terrazzo flooring is not easily stained by anything. It does not soak up any kind of liquid; therefore it can be simply cleaned with a mop and different kinds of cleaning products. 

High-end look – this kind of flooring is greatly used in luxurious housing applications as it gives a great look that cannot be matched with any other kind of flooring options.

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