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Want to make your old and rough slab of concrete to look as good as brand new?  

Today, concrete floors are found in houses, condo units, and commercial buildings. Self –leveling overlays is a method to restore the damaged concrete without any need to pay to tear it up and re-pour the entire floor. The Professionals at Chicago Architectural Contractors add significant beauty, and value to your home or commercial place with the highest level of craftsmanship, durability and long-lasting curb appeal.  We provide numerous systems for self-leveling overlays and micro toppings.  We have experienced installers, the expertise, and necessary machineries to reshape virtually any concrete surface into an authentic finished concrete.

Self-Leveling Overlay is also referred to as Concrete Resurfacing or Micro-Topping. Our self-leveling and designer overlays services add desirable floor flatness. Their application requires certified installers since the preparation is extremely crucial. Without the right preparation and profile of the substrate for the concrete resurfacer to adhere, thousands of dollars will go into waste. 


Step 1 – Preparation

As with any concrete repair project, proper surface preparation is essential to get successful results. First step is to rigorously clean grind the old concrete to ensure proper adhesion to new surface. The deteriorating concrete is also removed along with dirt, grease, and oil prior to the application of concrete resurfacer. This step ensures removal of interfering substances that could affect the bond of installation material. 

Step 2 – Apply Resinous Primer 

We use the proper primer to ensure an industrial strength of the bonding, also it offers superior surface properties. Our professionals use the best products available in market. To get the best quality, a resinous primer (epoxy) is used. These are two-part systems, composed of an epoxy resin base and a curing agent. On site, staff performs mixing process of this two-part epoxy, and applied per the manufacturer’s specification. This step greatly enhances the final bonding to the self-leveling concrete. 

Step 3 – Install Self-Leveling Overlay 

After primer application, we install the self-leveling overlay. In this step, our professionals do the proper mixing of the self-leveling overlay and slowly pour it into sections. This results in smooth and even surface. For seamless installation of leveling compound, we consider all parameters such as to which thickness it can be applied or how deep holes or pits are. We employ use of a spiked  roller for evenly distribution of the material. It depends on the manufacturer’s requirements of the concrete resurfacer product to identify how soon it will be able to support foot and vehicle traffic.


Benefits of Self-Leveling Overlays

⦁ Concrete begins to decline in appearance over time. Self-leveling overlays instantly spruce things up again.

⦁ The self-leveling overlays are convenient because they require very little maintenance. 

⦁ The cost of this resurfacing work is remarkably affordable. 

⦁ It is recommended to use high PSI concrete self-leveling overlay to get an appealing finish.

If you want to improve the appearance of your old worn concrete and make it more durable at fraction of cost, then Chicago Architectural Contractors can fix it for you! For the best decorative concrete installations, call us at (773) 447-5092.

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